PiipTv - Nokia N95 and Nokia 5800 touch phone screenshots.
Service installation, provisioning file is sent over bluetooth to phone messaging inbox. View from liveTV EPG. We can get more details of program. LiveTV streaming is starting and channel icon demonstrates used channel.
From internet videos folder we can download recorded clips to phone. In recordings eatch channel is categorized to own view. This way it's easier to handle big amounth of recordings. You can search streaming clips from recordings. This sample we search "news".
From menu you can establish new search. Server returns all clips that has 'news' in file name or in details view. Recorded clip Search functionality in N5800 screen. Recorded clips using streaming formats.
Web UI in Nokia 5800 screen. LiveTV EPG view. Details view from clip.
Recorded clips in streaming format, N5800 landscape view.
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